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Oct 17, 2014

The Obama Administration and the Centers for Disease Control are making mistakes

The Obama Administration and the Centers for Disease Control are making mistakes.  Mistakes that put American lives in danger from the Ebola virus.

There are common sense measures this Administration should be taking to further protect our citizens, our health workers, and our nation from the spread of this deadly virus.  These steps aren’t outlandish by any means and everyone I speak with from the 25th District agrees that in order for the public to have any measure of confidence that this Administration is doing its job, then these steps ought to be in place.

  • First, stop the flights and suspend the visas of those coming from Ebola stricken nations in West Africa – don’t import the virus and expose more people – this is not an absurd measure to take.
  • Second, the CDC needs to take control and properly train, equip, and practice procedures with health care workers at the Dallas hospital – they should be monitoring these procedures 24/7 with exacting detail to prevent any more of our brave health care workers from being infected.
  • Third, health care workers need to be thoroughly monitored and prevented from travel themselves in order to ensure no other Americans are exposed to Ebola.

Every one of these measures is common sense.  Every one of them will protect lives.  If this Administration fails to take the necessary measures to stop the spread of this virus, then God help us.  As the Congressman for our area, I will continue to pressure this Administration to take the necessary measures and responsibility to stop Ebola.

In the meantime, please join my family and I in praying for the brave men and women who are working front and center to care for patients and prevent the virus from spreading.

In God We Trust,

Roger Williams


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