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Sep 03, 2014

Williams Lays Out Tax Reform Plan

By Hillsboro Reporter

From The Hillsboro Reporter:

A plan to “Jumpstart America” was outlined when Congressman Roger Williams was at Hill College in Hillsboro last week for a business roundtable.

The Austin Republican was touring the district during Congress’ summer break meeting with constituents.

Read the full article here.

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Roger in the News
Nov 19, 2011

Border agent should be praised, not confined

By Roger Williams | Weatherford Telegram

From my latest Op-Ed in the Weatherford Telegram: 

In the early morning hours of Oct. 16, 2008, Jesus Diaz, Jr., a U.S. Border Patrol agent, caught a smuggler carrying nearly 75 pounds of drugs in his backpack.
You might think that Mr. Diaz deserves a commendation for this action. Instead, the U.S. government put him in jail.
Jesus Diaz is today serving a two-year sentence in solitary confinement. Apparently, the drug smuggler complained to the Mexican Embassy that this particular border patrol agent didn't handle him with tender loving care.
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Jul 26, 2011

Obama’s Debt Answer: Tax Small Business Owners

By Roger For Congress

So now the truth has come out about President Obama’s real intentions in the debt talks: Obama sees this is an opportunity to raise taxes on small business owners.

If you oppose the Obama plans for increasing taxes, join us today by liking us on Facebook,making a generous donation of $25, $50, or $100, or by forwarding this message to everyone you know.So now the truth has come out about President Obama’s real intentions in the debt talks: Obama sees this is an opportunity to raise taxes on small business owners.

As Speaker John Boehner pointed out this week, the White House has “moved the goal posts” in the negotiations by insisting on “additional revenue”. Or, as the president now says, he believes everyone should “pay their fair share,” as part of this deal.

Translation: “You small business owners are greedy – time to pay more of your earnings to the government.”

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Jul 25, 2011

ICYMI: Weekly News Roundup

Roger Williams Advances to ‘On the Radar’

Washington --- The National Republican Congressional Committee today announced Roger Williams as an ‘On the Radar’ candidate, the important first step in the ‘Young Guns’ program.
Read the full article here
Texas 33 House Race: Roger Williams Opens Up Big Fundraising Lead
By Bryan Preston
Republican Congressional candidate Roger Williams shook up Texas politics a bit this week by unveiling a stunning fundraising lead in the new Congressional District 33 in north Texas. Texas’ 33rd District is one of the state’s four newly created Congressional districts.
Read the full article here.
Cash is flowing in the U.S. House District 33 race
By Jeff Mosier
The Williams vs. Williams race for the newly drawn U.S. House District 33 has already gotten contentious . Now, there's evidence the battle for the GOP nomination in the presumably Republican district is likely to be expensive too.
Read the full article here.
The Mark Davis Show

Download the podcast of our chat with Mark Davis about lower taxes and less government here.

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Roger in the News
Jun 30, 2011

In the Running

By Crystal Brown | Weatherford Democrat

In the Running: Williams kicks off campaign with Weatherford visit

WEATHERFORD — Roger Williams spent much of his time Tuesday rubbing elbows with voters as he started his campaign for the newly-created U.S. House District 33 seat.

The day started with a morning press conference at the Ballpark in Arlington, and by 5 p.m., he made his to Weatherford’s Fire Oak Grill for a reception.
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Roger in the News
Jun 28, 2011

Game changer in Texas: Roger Williams switches from Senate race to House

By Brian Preston | Pajamas Media

Former Texas Secretary of  State Roger Williams is announcing today that he is switching races ahead of the 2012 GOP primary, moving from the hotly contested Senate race and into the contest in one of Texas’ four new congressional districts, District 33 in north Texas. According to a campaign press release going out today, Roger Williams was recruited into switching races over the past couple of weeks.

Williams counts scores of local leaders, including Arlington City Councilman Robert Rivera and Fort Worth Mayor Mike Moncrief, among his district-wide support. State Rep. Phil King, one of Texas’ most influential conservatives in the legislature, is also on the Williams leadership team. According to a campaign source, nearly every local elected official is supporting Roger Williams’ run for Congress in District 33.
Click Here for the full article.
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Roger in the News
Jun 16, 2011

Roger Williams says he signed no-tax pledge 4 times

By W. Gardner Selby | Politifact Texas

U.S. Senate hopeful Roger Williams stressed his opposition to higher taxes during a June 8 candidate forum presented by the Texas Tribune and KLRU-TV, saying: "I've signed that pledge four times. The idea of raising taxes any time, but certainly at a time of economic slowdown, is nuts."

Williams, a Republican, is making his first bid for elected office, so his comment seemed a head-scratcher. How many no-tax pledges can one candidate sign?

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Roger in the News
Jun 13, 2011

US Senate candidate Roger Williams tells Rockwall GOP Obama is a socialist

By J.J. Smith | The Rockwall News

Weatherford auto dealer, former Texas Secretary of State and now U.S. Senate candidate Roger Williams told the Rockwall County Republican Men’s Club today that Pres. Obama is a socialist and “the Obama economy” is “killing our country” right now.

“This man is driving a stake right through the heart of America. This man is pulling the very fiber out of this country. He’s done it in 30 months. Understand that.”
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Roger in the News
Jun 12, 2011

Senate debate over, now the Truth-O-Meter

By Ciara O'Rourke | Politifact Texas

Four GOP U.S. Senate hopefuls jockeying to succeed the retiring Kay Bailey Hutchison tried to prove their conservative bonafides during a Texas Tribune candidate forum Wednesday.

We’ll be watching as their campaigns kick into gear — and those of any, ahem, others who may join the race. In the meantime, we looked back at statements PolitiFact has previously checked that align with four claims the candidates made at the forum.
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Roger in the News
Jun 10, 2011

Roger Williams to Address Republican Leadership Conference

By Republican Leadership Conference
Conservative Business Leader and US Senate Candidate Roger Williams to Address Republican Leadership Conference
Roger Williams, small business owner and conservative candidate for US Senate from Texas, will address the Republican Leadership Conference Friday, June 16 in New Orleans.  Roger is a former Texas Secretary of State who made national headlines last month when he “welcomed” President Obama to Texas with the launch of a website and video that provided the most compelling, most comprehensive and most conservative indictment ever made of the Obama Economy.  
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