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Jul 11, 2012

Governor Perry Stands With Me

By Roger Williams For Congress

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When conservative causes have needed a champion, Governor Perry has always been there. That is why I am proud to announce today that Governor Perry has chosen to endorse me in the Republican Runoff for the 25th Congressional District.

Based on his record of standing up to Barack Obama, rejecting Obama's European-socialist agenda, and fighting everyday to exert state's rights as guaranteed by our Constitution, I consider Governor Perry the most conservative Governor in America.

Here is what he said in endorsing my candidacy:

"I strongly endorse Roger Williams for Congress because I know Roger will truly work to overhaul Washington, D.C.. Washington is broken and needs new people with sound, private sector experience to help bring about limited government, conservative changes for America. Roger Williams will be a leader to stop Barack Obama's socialist agenda, make Congress abide by the Constitution, and develop conservative solutions to help strengthen our economy."

Governor Perry has made many strong stands to protect our state from an overreaching federal government. I look forward to working with him to help ensure our state’s rights are not infringed upon so Texas can remain a strong example of what limited government and more freedom can do to help create more prosperity for our families.

I have been proud to help re-elect Governor Perry several times and believe it is worth noting that in 2010, while I was working hard to re-elect Governor Perry, my opponent was serving as the campaign manager for a candidate who was seeking to defeat the Governor.

It's time for conservatives to unite so we can elect the kind of strong, Constitutional-based, limited government leadership we deserve in the 25th District. I hope you will join me and Governor Perry as together we stand for conservative values and take our country back.



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