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Jul 16, 2012

Desperate Wes

By Colby Hale, Campaign Manager

Desperate Wes

Since 2004, Wes Riddle has been attacking conservative Republicans and running campaigns against them. And since 2004, voters have been rejecting Wes Riddle.

Whether it was Wes' smears and attacks against Congressman John Carter in 2004 or the campaign Wes ran in 2010 to try and take down Governor Perry, Wes has been working to defeat conservatives. Plain and simple.

Perhaps that is why his campaign has become so desperate and dishonest in these closing weeks of the Republican runoff. Instead of talking to you and offering conservative solutions to stop Barack Obama’s socialist policies – Wes Riddle believes the best way to get your support is by attacking Roger Williams.

With just over two weeks to go in the election for the 25th Congressional District, now is the time for conservative Republicans to unite so we can elect the strong, limited government conservative our area deserves.

That's why Roger will continue to talk about his plans to:

  • Completely dismantle Obamacare;
  • Pass a Balanced Budget Amendment to STOP Washington overspending;
  • Make drastic cuts to government spending and government power by eliminating departments (such as the Department of Education, Commerce, or the EPA);
  • Secure America's borders by employing our troops to help protect our Sovereign soil; and
  • Pay down our nation's debt so we are no longer beholden to foreign regimes like Communist China.

Join our campaign today and let's keep growing this movement to elect a limited government, small businessman – join us and take a stand with Roger Williams!

With Great Respect,

Colby Hale
Campaign Manager
Roger Williams for Congress


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